Mattress buying guide

Replacing a mattress is something that many people hate because they can’t find a satisfactory alternative to the old one. Every person has preferences, and it’s hard to find a product that will satisfy them. You have to consider other things as well, including the price of the mattress. Hundreds of different mat types exist, and the price goes from couple hundred dollars to several thousand. The worst thing, maybe, is the amount of time you will have to spend on finding a mat that suits you and your habits.

We can’t tell you which mattress you should buy, but we can give you some basic info about best products on the market. Feel free to check them, as we will list foam mats including the best foam mattress as well as successful and well-known products with springs


Bounce or no bounce, think about it

mattressesSome people like beds that bounce, while others prefer firm mats under them. This is the first decision any new buyer needs to make, and it will determine the type of the product they will buy. Beds that bounce have springs, while the firm ones have memory foam. Make the decision, and you will eliminate half of the products from your search.

Then again, you have variations of both types, including memory foam mats that are soft and spring beds that are firm. It all comes down to your preferences, and the choice is hard due to that.

People that opt for bounciness of their beds should focus on beds with springs. The level of that bounciness depends on the metal coils, and there are dozens of variations, from extra bouncy mats to almost entirely firm bedding. Don’t jump the gun and buy a bed that will swallow you over the night. It might be a logical choice in the store, but think about next five or ten years and whether you will enjoy that feeling every single night.

Memory foam comes in various thicknesses, and the less thick it is, the more firmness you get out of your bed. Thicker the foam, more you sink into it, so think about it before you buy a six-inch foam. Memory foam with gel swirl is a newer technology that makes for even better comfort. If you want the best memory foam mattress then this is really the way to go.

Consider your lifestyle before the mattress purchase

home_page3The way you live and sleep should have a significant impact on the mattress you buy. For instance, people who sleep alone don’t have to worry about things like a ripple effect. This effect represents the amount of movement on one side of the mattress when another part is disturbed. People who sleep with their beloved should seek mats with pocketed coils and chambers. These things will reduce the amount of ripple to a minimum, and they will allow further customization of different parts of the bed.


The most important thing in the whole process of the purchase is the satisfaction you get from the product. Don’t buy the first product you see, check other mats as well. The variety isn’t a problem, so take your time and find the right mattress that will satisfy all of your desires.