Foam mattress vs. spring mattress

The difference between production costs that go into one mattress and the price you will have to pay is enormous. The high price of certain products comes from (false) advertising and other marketing campaigns. The satisfaction of the customer exists, but making them pay as much as they can is the ultimate goal of many marketing “experts.”

We place customer satisfaction at the first place and therefore we will tell you what to look for in both the foam and spring mats. We want to convey the knowledge about bedding to our customers (you), so they can make smart decisions when it comes to mattress purchase.


Pros and cons of spring mattresses

spring-mattressYou might get the illusion of comfort, from spring mats, but you should think twice before buying it on the first try. Talk to people who sleep on a product like that and ask for their opinion.

The pressure relief that they provide isn’t as high as you might think. If you hate the feeling of getting swallowed by the bed, then a spring mat is not for you. People that have issues with their backs should stay away from spring beds.

Many warranties that come with spring bedding allow high body impression which is a bad thing. This means that the bed isn’t going to provide enough comfort as the mat will change its shape after a while.

Two positive sides of spring bedding are the durability and the cost. An average spring mattress can last between six and ten years. If you are a person that likes springs in your bed, then you will save a lot of money. These products are cheap as well, and the only cheaper way to buy something to sleep on is to buy a second-hand product or a futon.

Advantages and disadvantages of foam mats

foam-mattressThe materials used in the production of foam mattresses are expensive, and the cheapest memory foam bedding goes for a thousand bucks (average quality). High-quality mats cost several thousands of dollars.

A quicksand effect is present in foam mats that are four, or more, inches thick. Some people enjoy the feeling of sinking in the foam, while many hate it. The problem with memory foam (especially the thick products) is the temperature. You might go to sleep in a cold room and wake up in a sweaty mess. Not all products have problems with temperature sensitiveness; the best foam mattress products have materials that deal with it.

Memory foam is excellent for people that want full pressure distribution as it offers a pleasant sleep and you will feel fully rested after only a several hours of sleep. Memory foam is hypoallergenic, and it has no motion transfer, which are things that should get you interested in these products.

Conclusion – Which one should you buy?

If you have money, then buy memory foam bedding. The amount of comfort they offer is unparalleled. Those that want to save some money should purchase a spring mat as it comes at a low price and it will last for up to ten years, which is not the case with foam mattresses.