About Us

We at Redkrowe.com strive toward situations in which a customer buys a mattress from our site, and they express their satisfaction through mail or a comment. Our focus, since the creation of this business, was to offer high-quality mattresses and other related products to our customers. A happy customer is our greatest reward, and it tells us that we are doing a great job.

But we aren’t just another retailer site that reaps the percentage out of every buy. We want to satisfy our customers, and therefore we post various articles about mats and other products. We don’t want to force a client to buy a product; our goal is to educate the customer and let them make a choice on their own accord.

Our Team



Donna Pence

The primary concern of our CEO is to oversee the interaction between customers and our employees. She is also there to help you if our support can’t provide you with a satisfactory service.


Customer support

Randy Pearson

If you have a question or something you don’t understand, contact our customer support. They are also trained to give you advice and recommend products based on your preferences.


Research Specialist

Judith Hill

The job of our research experts is to double-check the validity of the product. They decide whether the mattress fulfills our norms and whether we will list it for sale.